Friday, September 9, 2011

Internet Safety

It's amazing how much the internet has changed education. What used to take hours to find in a library, we can now find in about 0.09 seconds. While the internet is an outstanding resource, it can also be pretty dangerous. When allowing children and students to use the internet, it important to really communicate with them about how to remain safe. Create a classroom or home environment where children are comfortable. Have children share their favorite sites and discover what they know about being online. Create your own rules and make sure children are aware of what these are. 

Being on the internet is just like being in public, so the same safety rules should apply. For instance: 
  • Keep your identity private. NEVER give personal information like your address, phone number, or last name. In short, do not post what you would not want to share with everyone you know. 
  • Only open emails from people you know. 
  • Keep online meetings online. It is not a good idea to meet up with anyone you met online first. 
  • Respect the rights of others online. If you feel like someone is not being respectful to you, save the  information and report it to a trusted adult. 
  • If you ever feel uncomfortable about something that happens online, talk to someone.

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