Monday, October 17, 2011

Micro blogging

In education, it seems like micro blogging presents unlimited possibilities for use in the classroom. Micro blogs can provide a forum for students to ask questions outside the classroom, for teachers to post announcements, and even for students to follow relevant professionals. And that is just the beginning! Some classrooms are totally paperless, which is absolutely amazing. I like the idea of students following professionals on micro blogs. I think it gives students a chance to keep tabs on the current happenings in a particular field of interest. For more ideas, check out 28 Creative Ways Teachers are Using Twitter or Teacher Paperless

My concern with using this kind of social media in the classroom is how easily it could get out of hand. In an unsupervised environment, children could easily take advantage. No matter how often we talk to students about the importance of internet safety, there still seems to be way too many cases of inappropriate use of the internet. Any suggestions?

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